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An AI and Business Intelligence Healthcheck provides a vision of your organization’s potential and capability for working with data, and a strategic roadmap that can help to deliver self-service business intelligence and analytics across the enterprise. The Healthcheck forms the start of imbuing a data culture within the organization, while delivering business-defined value.

A healthcheck will:

  • Review of the existing Business Intelligence and Analytics estate in terms of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks, with a focus on utilizing a single system. 
  • ‘To be’ proposed technical architecture and data architecture to frame options for your organisation to review – we will do the legwork!
  • Technology comparison matrix with recommendations a sample showcase where possible
  • Sample costs with licensing options for different technologies
  • A comparison technology matrix of the proposed technologies involved 
  • Pros and cons of different data storage options, including Big Data and Little Data
  • Training Plan, including a Review and Gap Analysis of skill sets for the various proposed technologies
  • ‘Q & A’ Presentation to key stakeholders to feedback findings, and provide team members with the opportunity to ask questions

The output of the Business Intelligence Health Check will be a Business Intelligence blueprint which will assess both business and technological perspectives of your current solution, with a focus on a forward-thinking business intelligence architecture which considers industry trends as well as the business requirements.

Here are some sample business intelligence agenda items with an associated timeline:

  • Data Platform current view and future vision (2 days)
  • Recommended Business Intelligence methodology to handle blending data sources (1 day)
  • Technology Review including costs, licenses and options (2 days)
  • Future Technology roadmap (1 day)
  • High-level Skills Matrix and Training Plan (1 day)