Our Partners

Data Relish believe in helping to derive business value through the use of your data to maximise profits.

We work with a carefully-selected number of partners who complement our services. 
We work with MSPs, boutique consultancies and solution providers. Together, we have helped organizations to make their data work, and had an immense impact on helping our customers. Like us, they value working collaboratively with you, and our success is your success.

LusiTech is a UK based company that provides Consulting Services, Maintenance Plans and Technical Training in the following areas:
– SQL Server (on-prem, IaaS and PaaS using Microsoft Azure)
 – Business Intelligence (SSRS, SSIS and PowerBI)
– Infrastructure (on-premises and in the Azure cloud)

Read more about the partnership here.

The 848 Group are Managed Services Provider (MSP) and IT partner. With over a decade and a robust Plan, Build and Run methodology, 848 plan, build and run intelligent IT solutions to enable growth and increase efficiency. With a team of highly-skilled, specialist staff and industry leading accreditations with partners including Microsoft and Google, the 848 group empower organisations of all sizes with solutions that maximise value and enable true business change

Compositional IT help create high-value IT solutions by taking advantage of functional-first, cloud-ready technologies. We work with worldwide companies to create bespoke software systems and improve their technical teams through education and mentorship. We specialise in Microsoft F# and the Microsoft Azure cloud to achieve reliable, high quality and low cost results that scale.

What Can We Do For You?

Data Relish is a small team with a proven track record of architecting solutions around the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence Architectures. We are involved in all aspects of data:

  • Trusted Advisor Data Strategy
  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring For C-Suite Executives
  • Architecture Design
  • Big Data Solutions
  • Real-Time Data Acquisition
  • Data Integration
  • Data Modelling
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Sourcing
  • Data Visualisation
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Agile Project Management
  • Deployment To Production – Devops and DataOps Best Practice and Implementation


From Our Clients

Data Relish...both conceptually and technically comprehends data engineering to science and what is needed to bring transformation in both realms.
Aviation Industry
What was really impressive was the ability to combine a deep technical understanding of the technology, a real ability to bring others with her and build capability and the vision for how data can be used to make a difference.
Director Of Transformation
Implementation skills, eye for detail and focus on delivering excellent customer satisfaction both in terms of the solution delivery and relationship building with our customers ensured customer delight and ongoing customer advocacy.
Director Of Solution Engineering
Global CRM Solution Provider
Jennifer Stirrup helped us to take a leap of faith with our data. We had the skills individually, but Jen helped us to take the leap of faith.
Director Of Digital Innovation
Jennifer is authentic and passionate in her field of data technology. A leader and visionary, she is paving the way in an emerging industry for women. With her courageous, caring, and supportive nature; she is changing the world for the next generation.
Aaron Tam, CPA
Founder and Host of the First Generations Podcast
When it comes to using technology to be better, smarter, and more productive, Jennifer Stirrup is your gal. She is a visionary who turns meaningless data into meaningful impact.
Karen Putz
14X Author, International Speaker, and Executive Life Coach, Co-Owner of Diversity Academy

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