Why Hire Us?

We can work as part of your team, delivering a range of data strategy and technology projects. We pride ourselves on embedding ourselves as a technical mentor and friend to empower and encourage your team members to success. We collaborate, encourage, mentor and deliver as technical leads. We are not there to threaten team members; we are there to make them successful.

If you are not large enough to have a team, we can step in and help until you are in a position to have your own team. We can help them to get up to speed quickly, and leave them with a successful structure to adopt and adapt as you move forward. We also know your technology with expertise in Power BI, Tableau and Excel. Even if you just need a hand with reporting, we can help build a repeatable process and dashboards to help.

Interested? Why not set up some time to chat? We can show you samples of our work and talk about projects we’ve worked on.

We are your mentors and friends in data

We will work with your team to help them to success.

We will train you with your own data

Data Relish provide Microsoft approved training and custom training. For the custom training, the agenda is approved in advance, and we can use your data so that the training is productive and impactful.

We are there when you need us

Data Relish are available for short-term engagements from a half-day, right through to engagements and partnerships that are ongoing.