Business Intelligence leverage for better decisions

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How is it possible to move away from static reports to innovation with analytics and business intelligence with smarter decision making? The answers lie in the attitudes towards digital transformation, innovation and customer focus.Businesses are comfortable with purchasing new technology to support data-driven decision making, but it is a somewhat mysterious objective for many businesses. In this post, we look at how we can move forward to leverage data for smarter decisions.

Solving the Grand old Duke of York Problem with Power BI and a Data Strategy

We all know the Grand old Duke of York story. He had a vast team who went halfway up the hill, and they were neither up nor down; they did not know where they were going. Business Intelligence, and more generally, Data science is tricky subjects and businesses can often feel like they are moving towards progress and then have to take a step backwards to solve an issue.

Does Power BI disrupt data governance?

Power BI can be seen as a challenge when it comes to implementing a data governance strategy, because it requires a certain level of flexibility and access to a wider than average range of users in order to work to its maximum effectiveness. Because of this, Power BI has, in a way, disrupted the classic data governance model, but also gives us the opportunity to see data governance in a new user-oriented light.

What’s Your Mission? The Paradox Between Profitability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Missioning and visioning work together to identify the stakeholders and what the organization will do in order to create value: this is very intentional and it recasts your purpose as the impetus for strategy activities . Regarding Vision vs Mission: This can be personal, professional, or organizational.But how does this impact your Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives?

Trust your Data! Summary of Dynamic Trust Scoring Capability News at ASG Evolve 2019

Data Trust

“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.” ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan I was lucky enough to visit ASG Evolve Customer Event in Dallas recently, which is ASG Technology’s partner event focused on presenting opportunities for customers and partners to learn about ASG technologies. The event was a good balance between learning […]

Digitisation Transforming the Supply Chain, Reinforcing Sustainability and Compliance


Emerging technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), are playing a pivotal role in transforming the supply chain. By changing how businesses engage in commerce and collaboration, these innovations are allowing for possibilities that previously would have been scarcely imagined. And the impact that AI is having on business is enormous.

Social Media & Building Customer Loyalty

Why do people engage in social media when they are thinking about making purchasing decisions? According to McClelland’s Human Motivation Theory, social media meets a trio of needs.

Does Your Organisation Need A Data Whistleblower?

Does your organisation need data ‘whistleblowers’? You may think that there’s enough noise about data as it is.  Sometimes, data quality in an organization is bad, but nobody takes any ownership. Improvements can permeate through the whole organisation by proposing that organisations sometimes need a data ‘whistleblower’ to expose the issues. What is a whistleblower? […]

WinOps London 2019 Features #WomenInTech Track

Join experts at WinOps London 2019, for a full day of talks and sharings experiences about ‘DevOps in a Windows World’. There is also a full day of workshops on the first day of the conference, so you can gain real hands-on experience with some of the tools. This year’s WinOps London event features an exciting […]