What is the future of work for sales teams?

The future of work for sales teams involves Artificial Intelligence to help drive an understanding culture as well as a data-driven culture. Pricing is a key part of listening to the voice of the customer in data, but it needs translation into action.

Suffering from AI FOMO? What to do next.

What is FOMO? FOMO is an acronym for ‘Fear of Missing Out’. FOMO is more than jealously viewing other people’s social media postings with envy, however. In the academic literature, one FOMO definition is that FOMO is ‘as a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent’ (Przybylskia, Murayamab, […]

Top Five AI Trends for 2020

AI has become the most hyped technology of 2019. What is in store for 2020? AI is considered to have a mind of its own. AI is made more complex by the fact that it involves ethics, so it is more difficult to regulate. With these complexities in mind, it is good to consider what is coming next in the AI journey in 2020.

What’s the future for cloud data storage? Clouds of glass

Because cloud computing is expanding so rapidly, there is now even more data than before, and this has resulted in a greater need for increased storage. The storage density is now approaching its fundamental physical limits. Glass is one way forward to resolve the storage issues.

Top Innovations in SQL Server 2019

SandDance image

SQL Server includes built-in AI capabilities to enable a comprehensive analytics and AI solution for all a company’s data needs, including data visualization, AI and Big Data.

Rethinking Artificial Intelligence With SAS’s Oliver Schabenberger

The data driven approach to artificial intelligence has caused very powerful transformation in the industry, but people are still confused by what Artificial Intelligence really means. Schabenberger cuts a neat and disciplined distinction between Narrow and General Artificial Intelligence.

Data-Driven Isn’t Enough. We Need Human Centred AI Too

Image of robot pointing to blackboard saying artificial intelligence

In this three part blog series, Elizabeth and Jen will be focusing on the ethics of AI and data. So often, we hear how we have to be data-driven, but it is not enough. We need to be human-centred. In this three part series, we will look at important topics such as DeepFakes, Bias and AI, why these phenomenon […]