Free webinar! Find your MVC – Most Valuable Customer with your data

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What makes a MVC (Most Valuable Customer)? How do you find them with your data? On 11/19, myself and David Mariani (@dmariani) of AtScale (@AtScale) for a live webinar to help business decision makers, such as sales and marketing, discover ways that they can make their data work to find their Most Valuable Customer.

What can your data do to help you with your sales and marketing efforts?

  1. Sweet spot
  2. Focus on the groups of most valuable customers
  3. Understand customer needs and become their best solution
  4. Connect with more customers
Customers expect a meaningful relationship with their suppliers. It is more than selling them a product now. Using data, organisations have an opportunity to take control of the customer experience. Your customer potentially represent a larger group of similar customers with similar needs, attitudes and behaviours, and understanding the customer voice in your data can help you to understand better what motivates them.

In this webinar, we will be covering ways that you can think about your data, and lead your teams towards understanding your Most Valuable Customer. To learn more, register today:

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