ASG Women Leaders in Technology Coffee Talk

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Diversity, equality and inclusion efforts are not optional for your customer success, and it needs to be part of the DNA of the organisation to be authentic. Customer-driven innovation is even more important as we address the ‘new normal’ and diversity and inclusion efforts are crucial to being customer-first and customer-driven. Join this session with Mary Wells (SVP Marketing, ASG Technologies), Theresa Parker (Global Practice VP, ASG Technologies), Samantha Patel (VP Customer and Partner Marketing, Information Builders) and myself for an interactive discussion around topics including current barriers, how to achieve success and ways to promote inclusion. Save the date! Wednesday 7th October, 8 AM to 8.50 AM Eastern Time US so grab your coffee and tune in for this unplugged session. 

Although this is a Women Leaders session, men and non-binary people are invited and very welcome as well. If you are wondering how to encourage, mentor and support women in your network or even your family, why not tune in to hear some of the advice and insights in this session?  To have innovation at the enterprise level, then organisations need to be understanding-driven. So please grab your coffee and join us, and follow the hashtag #ASGEvolve20 on Twitter for live chat.

Data is made up of people, politics and pragmatism. There is a special relationship between data and diversity.  In the information ladder, we go from knowledge to wisdom. Understanding is a crucial aspect of understanding customers, and we can only do that by bringing everyone along a journey. Everyone is part of the creative class in working with information and data, and everyone can help to interpret and translate the data.

Regardless of where you are at in your professional journey, you will be inspired not only for your own personal growth but also motivated to lead and mentor women now and in generations to come. Join this session to see how you can be part of the story of being a leader where you are, and part of the creativity that diversity and inclusion can bring. You can be the leader that your customers and your colleagues need you to be.

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