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Founded by award-winning business intelligence expert Jen Stirrup MVP, Data Relish have successfully delivered Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Executive Leadership projects worldwide.

Time To Make Your Data Work

We offer in-person and remote consulting services in technologies such as Microsoft Azure Artificial Intelligence, and Business Intelligence technologies such as Tableau and Power BI.

We help with data strategy to empower your organization. We do not replace team members; we help to grow them and support the organization through the changes involved in deriving business value from data.

Who Are

Data Relish?

Our Story

We are a small team who have proven experience in many aspects of data. We could tell you about the awards we’ve won, but we’d rather talk about our success in helping organisations to be successful.


Our Mission

We put the business back into Business Intelligence, and help you succeed with AI and Data Science.

With over twenty years’ experience in Artificial intelligence and Business Intelligence, we are experts in our field. We were here before data was trendy or fashionable. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who are now our friends too, and we are invested in your success. We can help you to get there, and stay successful.

We can be your trusted advisers on your journey to success with data.

We’d love to work with you.

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